Lesson Program Fees

Riding Ring Fall 2003Group Lesson - $160 a month for four group lessons. A group consists of approximately 6 riders and is a two hour time block.  The first 30 minutes is spent grooming and tacking the horse, then students ride for an hour and finally use the last 30 minutes to untack and properly put their mount away.  Riders must be able to "go, stop and steer"  somewhat before joining a group lesson.

Semi-Private Lesson - $45  - This is a lesson with two or three students and lasts approximately one hour.

Private Lesson - $60 for a 45 minute time block.  This includes learning to groom and tack for beginners in order to ready them for group lessons.  More advanced students may take private lessons for more individual attention to advance their skills more quickly.

Practice Ride - $20.

Riding boots and ASTM/SEI approved helmet are required.  Upon request, Grovespring Farm can order equipment for you.

People need opportunities to have fun in the outdoors, work toward goals, learn new skills, be leaders, and feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.

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